Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tutorial for Christmas Tree using the ECraft from Crafters Companion

Well today I thought that I would share with you another project using the Ecraft from Crafters Companion, I just love this machine and the more that I use it the more in love with it I become. The beauty is that you do not need any sticky mats and for me this is a god send. This Christmas Tree is so easy to make, so here goes :

You will need:

Red and Green 12 x 12 Coredinations card from Crafters Companion
Wet glue
Boxer Board and small scoring tool from Crafters Companion
Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Jewels
ECraft Machine
Fundamentals Cartridge 1

1. Using a triangle shape from the Fundamentals 1 cartridge image 18 rounded triangle cut a triangle shape 7.90" wide by 6.76 " high and score a line about quarter of an inch down one side using your boxer board and small scoring tool. Fold and burnish.

2. Using strong thin double sided tape place a piece on the scored edge.

3. Now stick your two edges together to form a cone shape.

4. Now to cut your shapes for the tree itself. For this I used Fundamentals 1 cartridge and from the Flowers section I used image 4 together with the circle from the basic shapes on the left hand side tool bar.  I cut the following sizes.

1st layer red, wide 7.50 " and high 7.50" with a circle in the centre wide 2.00 " and high 2.00
2nd layer green, wide 6" and high 6" with a circle in the centre wide 1.76" and high 1.76"
3rd layer red , wide 5.00" and high 5.00" with a circle in the centre 1.50"
4th layer green, wide 4.25" and high 4.25" with a circle in the centre 1.20"
5th layer red, wide 3.00" and high 3" with a circle in the centre 0.90"
6th layer green, wide 2.50 and high 2.50" with a circle in the centre 0.75"

These need to be scored using your boxer board and small scoring tool as shown and folded into mountain and valley folds. Place wet glue around the edges and add your Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Jewels.

5. When these layers are all dry, place some glue onto the underneath of each layer and place over your cone shape.