Sunday, 22 May 2016

Tutorial for Stationery Suitcase



I have been asked to do a tutorial for the Suitcase Stationery box that I made using the twin CD Rom Destinations from Crafters Companion a few months ago.To be honest I just made this up as I went along so although this will be similar to the first one I made unfortunately it won't be actually the same but I guess near enough. I have not made it up the same as the first one as this was made from Kraft card and layered using the papers from the CD Rom. Please note that this is just meant to be a tutorial and not a finished project .

To make this you will need :

Crafters Companion CD Rom Destinations

A3 double sided card from Crafters Companion

Crafters Companion Big Score

Collall Tacky Glue.

Neenah card from Crafters Companion

Small piece of ribbon

Xyron Sticker maker

Small piece of Velcro

Two small brads

1" circle punch or small 1" circle die.

Centura Pearl card


1. Using your A3 card cut a piece to measure 12.25" x 8.75" score all the way around using your big score at 1.50", burnish all sides and cut away the corners as shown and glue together using your Collall Tacky glue.


Now cut another piece of card to measure 11.75" x 8.25" score all the way around at 1.25". Burnish and cut away the corners as shown below.


Now using Collall tacky glue , glue together as shown below.

Now cut two pieces of card 5. 5/8ths x 2.25" and two pieces of card 8.75" x 2.25 and glue to the inside of the base as shown. This forms the lip for the lid to sit on.

Now working with your lid cut a piece of card 2" x 8.75" score lengthways at 1" this is to attach the lid to the base. Using Collall Tacky glue attach this to one side of your lid on the outside lining the score line up to the edge of the lid as shown.


Attach the lid to the base using Collall Tacky glue.



Using your Crafers Companion Destinations CD Rom2 make up your note cube for this I printed onto Neenah card and fill with pieces of plain paper, I just using copier paper cut to the right size.

You will also need to print off the Address book I used Neenah card for this and used the Crafters Companion Destinations CD Rom. To make the base for the inside of the suitcase for this to sit on cut a piece of card 8.75" x 8.75" and score all the way around at 1.50 using your Big Score. I used green card for this really just to show up better in the photos of the design and where it sits in the suitcase. Cut you corners as shown below and using Collall Tacky glue form into a box base and place upside down in the base of the suitcase. The address book sits on this.




To complete the inside of the box, again I have used orange card just so that it is easier to show. Cut your piece of card 6" x 5.50" and using your big score score all the way around at 1.50" burnish and cut out the corners as shown below. Make up again into a box and put it upside in the base of the suitcase.


To go into this part of the suitcase I printed out from the CD Rom Destinations 2 a set of the Wine Labels and tied them together with a piece of ribbon. For the pencils I used small children's pencils, then cut strips of paper to fit, passed them through the Xyron sticker maker and rolled the paper around the pencil.

To make the flap for the lid of the suitcase, cut a piece of card 8.75" x 4". On one on the longest edges score at 0.50" and then at 1" burnish both score lines fold this as shown below and place glue on the first flap and attach to the inside of the suitcase lid.



I printed off the note paper at A4 size and folded into an A6 size to fit inside the flap. I also printed off some of the Topper Companion from the Crafters Companion Destination one CD Rom, these I printed at A5 size and layered them onto a Centura Card base. Now from the Crafters Companion Destinations CDRom 2 print off either page 2 or 4 from the suitcase template and cut out the suitcase strap.


Trim this so that it is the correct size and using Collall Tacky glue attach to the suitcase lid in between the notepaper and Topper Companions. Using a small piece of double Velro attach the other end to the flap, this enables the flap to be opened to remove the notepaper and Card Companions.

This is the inside complete



For the suitcase handle cut a piece of card 1" x 7.25". Pass this through your fingers to give it a slight curve to it. Using your brads attach this to the front of your lid for the suitcase handle. To cover the brads at the back of the lid use your 1" die or circle punch.


Decorate the outside as desired.

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