Monday, 19 March 2012

Tutorial Double Tri Fold Card

As promised here is a quick tutorial for the Double Tri Fold card that I made as a sneak peak from the new
launch of the Beatrix Potter from Crafters Companion. I have used a brightly coloured card for this as I thought it would be easier for you to see it.

To make the card you will need:

Ultimate Pro and Boxer Board from Crafters Companion and a scoring tool
2 x A3 card stock, but this card could be made in any size.
Backing papers
2 x A4 card stock


1. Take a piece of A3 card stock the Centura Pearl from Crafters Companion is idea for this project. Trim your 2 pieces of A3 card to measure 8.25 " by 12", I have made this 8.25" inches as I want to use an 8" insert in the centre. Then using the box base side of your boxer board and the longest sides of your card stock top and bottom, score at 4" interviews and fold and burnish with your scoring tool.

2. Now lay your first piece of card out flat and on the first panel measure from the bottom up 3 . 5" and draw a faint line in pencil up to the top of the third panel. You can take the first panel any size depending of the size of the topper you want to use. Trim this off as shown.

3. Now with your 2nd piece of card again lay flat and on the far right hand panel again measure up 3 . 50" and draw another faint line up to the top of the third panel and again trim off.

4. Now lay both your pieces together with the large panels butted up to each other. I held these in place just using some tape.

5. To join your to pieces of card together from your A4 card cut to two pieces measuring 8.25" x 8 3/16th and glue one to the front and one to the back this will then hide the joins.

6. Then fold each side of your card in as shown.

For your mat and layers I found the easiest way was to place your card or paper behind the panel that you wanted to decorate and faintly draw around it, then when you cut this out cut just inside the pencil line, you may find though that you still need to trim this slightly.

Thanks for looking and Happy Crafting


julie_woolston said...

Thank you Pam for the tutorial, I will be having a play.

Hugs Julie x

hbkjbj said...

thank you honey will have a go at this tom xxx

Karen said...

THANK YOU So very much Pam you are a star!!
I'm going to have a go at this sweetie and let you know how I get on.. Smiles..

Your instructions are wonderfully clear hun... love the one you made so much.xx