Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Tutorial - Triple Pop Out Card

Hi today I am posting a quick tutorial as I have been asked by Heather, so here we go. This is just the card, I have not decorated it but I am attaching some photos of another that I made using one of Debbi Moore CD's.

You will need.

Crafters Companion Boxer Board
4 sheets of A3 card
Double sided tape
Backing Papers, Toppers and sentiments

First you need to cut two pieces of card 16" by 8", ( you can actually make this any size as you will see once you have made it once, it will all make sense and you can make it to suit whatever size toppers that you want to use ), then fold your pieces of card in half so that you have an 8 " by 8" card.

Then with one of your 8 x 8 cards fold the back and front in half again. It should look like this.

Attach one of your 4 x 8 panels to the inside of your 8 x 8 card.

Then attach the reaining panel to the other side.

Make up another card exactly the same.

Add double sided tape to the front of one of your 8 x 8 cards.
 Then matching your two cards up exactly stick them together. Your card is now ready to decorate.


hbkjbj said...

Thank you so much Pam I know what im going to be doing this weekend lol xxx

hbkjbj said...

WOW how easy was that! Thank you so much honey have done the card now deciding what to decorate with lol have been asked to do a Golden wedding ann card so maybe do one of these as they are a very special couple and the husband wants me to make it for him xxx will post pics when done x

Kerry said...

Hi Pam! Lovely to meet you at the weekend! Hope to see you soon! Kerry :-)

hbkjbj said...

didnt use this for the golden wedding as he had an idea he wanted me to do so put it away for future use and am now decorating it for a couple of comps im entering so when its finished will upload to my blog and facebook xxx