Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Tutorial for Exploding Box

I have recently made the above Exploding Box and had a few people ask me for a tutorial. I adapted an SVG file from SVG Cuts to make this and Leo and Mary are happy for me to share this with you.

To make this you will a good weight card I used 300 grm and a quick grab glue. So many of you have said that you love the papers well they are from a new CD Rom from Crafters Companion called Times Gone By.

Firstly you will need the SVG CUTS file Summer Street Carnival. I used the Carnival Tent box for this project. First I cut out the bottom and bottom sides as shown below, cut this out twice once for the base and once for the lid.


To make the base of the exploding box you will need to cut it into panels as shown also cut off the side tabs but leave the tabs at the bottom as this is what you need to secure to the base. Do this with both pieces. This is what is should now look like.

Place your glue onto the tabs for this I used Collal Tacky Glue from Crafters Companion and stick the tabs to the bottom as shown below. At this stage if you want you can cut another bottom and stick it over the tabs on the inside this will not only make it look neater but also give it more strength.



You need to make the inner layer of the Exploding Box the same way but slightly smaller.

Now to make the lid. Use the second bottom and bottom side that you cut early. Trim the sides by taking off 1.75" as shown on both pieces. They should now look like this.


Glue the two side tabs together and fold in the small tabs at the bottom

Attach the bottom to the tabs and as below add another one on the inside to strengthen.

For the vase in the centre I also used an SVG file from SVG CUTS called Mom' s Garden Gift and reduced the size. For the flowers I just used several ones from my Cricut library.


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Beth F. said...

Whoa, whoa, WHOA! I think I have to go back and look at all the details again . I thought it was a gorgeous box and then to see what it opens up into...stunningly amazing! Top notch craftsmanship!